Mantis X10 Review

I have not used this area for a long time, but have decided to start running reviews. I have created my store based on many products I have found by referral or just by researching and using myself. My first review and to finish the 2021 year is something I think is a good thing. … Continue reading Mantis X10 Review

Summer Overland Gatherings

It is always a great time to travel to the different overland gatherings.  The largest one in the west area is Overland Expo West held each spring near Flagstaff, AZ.  Also, in my area near Leavenworth, WA is the NW Overland Rally.  Both are wonderful events with a mix of vendors, travelers, and people sharing … Continue reading Summer Overland Gatherings

Out of Town

Hey everyone.  Time for a road trip!  I will be attending the Overland Expo in Flagstaff AZ.  Taking in the sights and learning about some gear and adventures.  For information, check out  I will be unable to process sales for a week.  I will plan to be back the 18th.  Enjoy and get outside. Continue reading Out of Town

First post!

Welcome and thanks for viewing my site.  I have slowly been expanding my company over the last year.  From creating an online store, to attending shows in person, to creating websites.  First was a Facebook page, now a formal website.  I have enjoyed sharing products I enjoy with others.  I started with a few Helle … Continue reading First post!